When the River Runs Dry


Welcome, as We Return to Glencoe - A Strange Little Town

We return to the strange little town of Glencoe with another story of redemption, grace, and second chances. God's grace had flowed forth like a raging river. Lives were touched, and families were changed, and one man was at the center of it all. Does the grace of God suddenly stop flowing in a life or is it something else? What do Reagan Lamb, Kyle Shaw, Marissa Fields, and Jenny Wade have in common? For one thing, all of their lives were devastated as they watched the dream of their happily ever after disappear. Though alone and abandoned, God was still at work in their lives, intertwining their lives to the lives of others we've already met. As one chapter of their lives ends, a new one begins as they are open to God's leading. God shows each one of them that He's still writing their stories.

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